William and Beverly Twitty | Love Story

“I met June (Beverly) one day when she came into the local drugstore, which was a hangout for teenagers”.  Bill (William) stated.  “I asked her if I could buy her a coke” and she said yes.  “It was love at first sight “. Bill said. “June was the nicest girl I ever ran into and a real beauty, she also happens to be one of a set of triplets”. They dated for a year and a half and got married in 1953. On June 7, 2016 they celebrated 62 years of marriage.

 Bill said June was the best cook.  He especially liked her homemade bread, noodles, and cookies.  June’s grandchildren loved her bread and cookies.  Every time there was a church (Foursquare Gospel) fellowship dinner June was always asked to make the chicken and noodles.  Bill only had one complaint with this, when the dinners were over there were no leftover noodles to take home.

We asked Bill what was the secret to having a long loving marriage like his and June’s.  Without hesitation Bill answered, “From day one we put Jesus Christ at the head of our home. Without Jesus I’m not sure we could have made it for this long.”  It surely must work because no matter when you see them together, at dinner, listening to a music program, or whatever, they are still holding hands after 62 years .

Bill rehabbed home in June and visits June often during the week. Their love is undeniable and is often admired by the staff at Oak Village Healthcare.