March 2018 Superstar | Leslie Worland

Oak Village Healthcare would like to nominate Leslie Worland, CNA, for the Superstar of the month for March 2018. 

Leslie is an AWESOME CNA!  She laughs, jokes, and makes the residents smile.  Her laughter is infectious and the staff states that she makes the day go by faster with her wonderful personality.  She always goes above and beyond for the Residents.  She sends E-Cards to the Residents to brighten their days.  She goes all out for special occasions like St Patrick’s Day and Halloween just to give the residents an even better experience.  Leslie will also bring costume pieces to dress up the Residents if they would like to join in on the fun.  Leslie also brings her dog into visit the residents and one Resident in particular thinks it is the best thing ever when she does.  This month, we at Oak Village Healthcare, were having a can food drive to benefit the surrounding communities and Leslie went out and got donations from an election event that helped push her team to win 1st place.  We have a Resident here with Dementia, who was a teacher for over 30 years.  She gets very agitated but Leslie made up “assignments” for the Resident to be able to grade, even gave her a red pen.  This allows the Resident to try and focus her mind on something else and calms the agitation.

Leslie exemplifies the Superstar mentality and the Above and Beyond personality to create an amazing experience for the Residents and staff here at Oak Village Healthcare!!!!!