Judy Tryon | Tell Us Your Story

Judy was born May 26, 1932 and raised in Vincennes, Indiana. When asked about her family Judy said “I have three sons Mike, Dennis, and Brad; I am very proud of them.” Judy had this to say about Oak Village “I came to Oak Village on January the 28th from assisted living.  I was only able to walk 20 feet.” Judy was referred to physical therapy to assess her functional mobility, balance, and gait training. Judy states, “I am very happy with how I feel and how well I am doing.” Since she started therapy with Oak Village’s TruRehab Department, Judy has increased bilateral lower extremity strength and balance ability. She continues to gain progress toward goals.  Judy is able to walk 120 feet with rolling walker and contact guard assist only.  Daily activities have increased along with Judy’s confidence.  Judy’s attitude has changed since coming to Oak Village. She is becoming social and enjoys visiting with others; you may see her participating in therapy or playing bingo, with a group of her new friends.  We are so happy to see these changes in Judy and very proud to be a part of her success. Keep up the good work Judy.