Hometown moments | Shirley Abrams interview

Jennifer Nash, BSP, SSD, interviewed Shirley Abrams for our Hometown Moments segment!!

Shirley told Jennifer that her favorite hometown moment was when “I married Don Abrams at the Methodist Church in Oaktown, IN in 1953.  We didn’t have a big wedding but there were about 20 family members there.  Then we went to Evansville, IN for our Honeymoon.”  Shirley said she thinks they stayed two nights but they had fun and “were in the big city compared to Oaktown.”  Shirley then began to talk about her kids.  She said “We had 5 kids, Danny, Rick, Mike, Teresa, and Greg and we had a wonderful life here in Oaktown and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

Thanks Shirley for sharing your love for your wedding day, your husband, family, and community with us and allowing all of us to become a part of your hometown memories.