Hometown moments | Elsie Jones interview

Jennifer McCrary, Housekeeping/Laundry, interviewed Elsie Jones for our Hometown Moments segment!!

Elsie told Jennifer that her favorite Hometown Moment was when “My father owned Registered Holstein Dairy Cattle and sold the milk to Borden”.  Elsie said that the farm was located in Marshall, Illinois.  When Elsie was born, her father named her after the Borden Cow “Elsie”.  She said “I don’t know if I liked it or not but I was called Elsie Borden for a very long time.  My Dad loved it”.  Elsie said that she loved the farm with the animals and all the memories that were made there.

Thanks Elsie for sharing your love for your Dad, milk, and dairy farms with us and allowing all of us to become a part of your hometown memories.